Privacy Policy

In order to provide you with better service, the information you use in your purchases and membership transactions is www.umay.we store it in the store database.

This application will offer you the opportunity to benefit from many advantages in addition to the convenience of your payments.

We inform you about which products, between which dates, and at what rate discounts are available via your e-mail address that you have shared with us, and we allow you to have the chance to shop before the discounted products run out of stock Decently.

Within the scope of our privacy principle, none of your personal information that you use on our website is shared with any other person, institution or organization. It remains only in the database of our site. Unless instructed by you, we do not use your personal information, including your phone numbers and email addresses, for any other commercial purpose and we will never sell it! However, if requested by official institutions, we may only have to notify your information to official units through official channels as required by law.

This information sharing is carried out completely in accordance with the legislation. www.umay.if you pay with your credit card via the store address, you agree to share the information about your card, such as the number of your credit card you use, the expiration date, CVV2, with the banks we work with.

We do not store the information about your credit card that you use for payments in our data store, we delete it after the completion of your transaction. Thus, it is not possible for your information to be learned by third parties. We prevent you from experiencing a negative situation in the online purchases you make through our website. Our pay page, which comes to you after shopping, is under a high level of protection.

This page is protected by an “SSL” certificate. It is also protected by ”2D Secure“ and simultaneously ”3D Secure” systems.

We undertake that your information will remain confidential except in cases such as the sale of our company, the establishment of a partnership with another company or the transfer. can ask any questions about the store by contacting us from our contact information below.

Our customer representatives will provide you with all the necessary information as soon as possible.

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