Purchase Conditions

This Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement);
Mevlana mah heves street no 3 cemre apartment building will be taken as Talas Kayseri;
The following terms and conditions are concluded between the person whose address and first /last name are declared in the “Member Information” field (briefly referred to as a Member). Dec.

ARTICLE 2- PURPOSE AND SUBJECT OF THE AGREEMENT: This Agreement is the member’s Https://umay .it is concluded with the aim of ensuring that the store benefits from the services to be provided by the store and determines the rights and obligations of the parties.

ARTICLE 3 – DEFINITIONS: The terms listed below are used in the sense in which they are defined within the scope of this agreement.
According to this;
Member: Https://umay .store iş has accepted this agreement and applied for membership and its application has been accepted Https://umay .the person who will benefit from the products and / or services to be offered through the store,
E-Mail Address: The e-mail address notified by the member and defined on the member’s account, the use, content and confidentiality of which are the responsibility of the member, defined during the establishment of membership and after which it is not possible to make changes.
Password: Used by the member together with the e-mail address and allowing the member to be recognized by the system, Https://umay .from the store Https://umay .it is mandatory to access the services offered through the store; six Decimated alphanumeric phrases between 6 and 16 digits, determined by the member, whose responsibility for all kinds of use and security belongs to the member.,
Member Account: Members Https://umay .an account located in the store that can be used to benefit from various products or services provided for by this agreement,
Product & Service: Https://umay .operated by the store Https://umay .goods sold for the purpose of being sold through the store, services offered,
Product & Service Price: Https://umay .the sale price of the product or service presented to the information of the members through the store,
User: Regardless of whether he is a member or not, Https://umay .a real person who can visit the public areas of the store address and is allowed to make transactions in these areas,
Credit Card & Debit Card: Members, Https://umay .store address issued by the public authorities in their transactions via which they can use to purchase goods and services or withdraw cash without requiring the use of cash and the ability to provide a physical presence which is valid in accordance with the relevant legislation that do not have a printed card or card number,
Service Channels: Selection exclusively Https://umay .mobile telecommunication applications, JAVA, SMS, WAP, ITV (Interactive TV), IVR (Voice response systems), Customer Service, kiosk and internet, Https://umay .store infrastructure platform and the like, Gift Points: Conditions of entitlement, allocation and use exclusively Https://umay .a printed document with a physical presence or a number without a physical presence that is authorized by the store, which provides various advantages to members and / or users, Order Confirmation: Https://umay .in order to confirm the order they have placed through the store, the members Https://umay .a notification containing the details of the order sent to the e-mail address and / or mobile phone number registered in the store via SMS,
My Account Menu: Https://umay .accessed through the store, members Https://umay .a personal area where they can track the transactions they perform within the store and the stages of orders and perform other permitted transactions,
SMS:Short Message Service,
Customer Service: Members can communicate in writing or verbally and receive information and consultation services Https://umay .the store refers to the relevant section.
In this agreement, the singular of the definitions means their plurals, and the plurals also include their singulars.

4.1 Membership Application
4.1.1 umay.store membership can be started by filling out the membership form in an appropriate format. By clicking on the corresponding acceptance notification Https://umay .everyone who applies for membership in the store declares, accepts and undertakes that he has read and accepted all the provisions of this agreement, that he has the necessary conditions for membership and that this agreement will become binding on him in accordance with his will and law. Https://umay .the store is a private club Https://umay.store.com , reserves the right not to accept the membership application made by the person who wants to benefit from the services subject to this agreement.
4.1.2The accuracy and legality of the information provided during the membership application have been declared, accepted and committed by the applicant. Membership may be cancelled if it is determined that the information provided is contrary to the law and the truth. In this case, the member, Https://umay .products, services, expenses, compensation, etc. under any name due to any transaction that he has made through the store. that he would not demand, therefore Https://umay .declares, accepts and undertakes that the store cannot be held responsible. Https://umay .the store reserves the right to take back the paid prices, the delivered product, if any.
4.1.3 Membership, Https://umay .it can be launched from any of the service channels, provided that it is at the store’s initiative. Members who wish to enter into the contractual relationship by applying for membership, to do so, the use of electronic communication tools, therefore, to be established by the hand of the terms and the legal relations of the wet signature will bear the consequences to be taken, in addition to the legal relationship with a wet signature to confirm this, you would have to agree.
4.1.4 In the membership application, the Member is obliged to enter the mandatory information for the acceptance of the application correctly and completely in the membership application form. People who meet the membership conditions, after the application is completed Https://umay .other information that may be requested by the store Https://umay .it is obliged to complete it at the store address or by contacting customer service.
4.1.5 The Member declares, accepts and undertakes that he has carefully read and accepted the terms of the agreement, that he has the ability to keep a copy of the membership agreement if he wishes, that he can easily access changes or additions that may be made from time to time, data transfers, terms of use of the service. Changes or additions made to the terms of the agreement Https://umay .it is presented to the member’s information at the first login to the store address. The membership of a member who does not click on the “accept” option offered to him may be terminated without compensation or any similar obligations. The Member accepts and undertakes that he will always fulfill the membership conditions for the duration of the contract.
4.2 Beginning of Membership Https://umay .by sending the confirmation code to the user whose membership has been initiated by the store, to the e-mail address or mobile phone he/she has provided, a confirmation notification is sent regarding the start of the membership. The member, together with the acceptance and initiation of his membership Https://umay .he will be able to start using store services. 4.3 Using the Member Account 4.3.1. Each member can have only one member account. The member account can only be used for the purpose of benefiting from the services defined in this agreement. Member, Https://umay .services offered by the store and/or the member’s account in any way contrary to law and public morality, others disturbing others or service to sell and/or trade with Without with the aim to generate income and/or can not use, except for the purpose of this contract.
4.3.2. Https://umay .the store has the right to immediately terminate the membership or memberships of a member who violates this provision and / or determines that he has more than one membership without any notification. In cases where it cannot be determined whether the member has the qualifications provided for in the legislation or this Agreement, membership is suspended until this deficiency is eliminated Https://umay .it can be suspended by the store or canceled immediately.
4.3.4 E-mail address and password
4.4. Https://umay .the store sends the details of the membership to the e-mail address provided by the member after the acceptance of the membership application. Member, Https://umay .in the event that any notification sent by the store to the registered contact addresses does not reach him for technical reasons Https://umay .it declares, accepts and undertakes that the store does not have any responsibility. 4.4.2 The obligation to protect the e-mail address and password to be used by the member and all responsibilities related to the use belong to the member. The Member declares, accepts and undertakes that the transactions to be made and the orders to be placed after logging in to the system with his e-mail address and password will be binding on him.
4.4.3 Due to the use of the member’s e-mail address and/or password by third parties Https://umay .in the event that the store suffers any damage or pays any payment due to disputes arising out of this reason Https://umay .the store has the right to compensate for the damage suffered and / or to pay the payment it has made to the member Https://umay .in addition to these applications, store reserves the right to cancel, terminate or suspend memberships that it suspects or detects to be used by third parties at any time October. 4.4.4 The Member has the right to change his password at any time. Member, the necessary procedures for password change Https://umay .he can do it from the relevant section at the store. If the member has forgotten his password, by calling customer service or Https://umay .he can get his password by following the redirects at the store address.